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Keep your security deposit & rent safe

RentHero lets you put your deposit and 1st month’s rent with a credible, neutral 3rd party in Singapore

We aim to revolutionise the way tenants rent in Singapore by providing a secure and transparent way to secure your lease and make payments.

How It Works

Invite Your Landlord

Create an account and invite your landlord to RentHero. You can transfer the deposit to us once your landlord accepts your invite.

Transfer Deposit

Effortlessly and securely pay your security deposit and 1st month’s rent to us, which we hold on your behalf.


Before moving in, your 1st month’s rent is safely held with us. The security deposit is securely held with us throughout your tenancy.

What our customers say

Why RentHero Secure?

During your tenancy

Protect your deposit…

Your security deposit is held safely with us throughout the tenancy. This deposit cannot be used to offset any loss during the tenancy. Once the tenancy has ended, both the landlord and tenant must agree on the amount to be returned.

Before moving in

…And rent payment

Rent payments are collected by us and only sent to the landlord 24-hours after your move-in date. If the listing was found to be different from what was advertised or agreed upon in your tenancy agreement, your rental payment, deposit and service fee will be fully-refunded to you.

Sleep easy

Transparent & secure

All your payments are reflected in an easy-to-use dashboard. Upload photos of your move-in condition and receive the acknowledgement of your landlord to avoid unwanted disputes at the end of your tenancy. You can also upload any damage incurred along the way during your tenancy.

Peace of mind is affordable

One-time fee of


of your security deposit

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Easily manage your security deposit and 1st month payments on our online platform.


Your funds are held safely with us in a local bank separately from our operational funds.

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