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What is RentHero all about?
RentHero is a online rental management platform that caters to tenants and landlords in Singapore. For now, we largely serve the tenant community in providing a way for tenants to pay their rent online and earn miles at the same time. Do look out for our upcoming services to promote greater transparency for tenants and landlords.
Do all landlords accept payments through RentHero?
Yes, all landlords can accept payment through RentHero. Landlords do not require an account with RentHero to receive payments and they will receive the payment as per normal. In fact, you do not even need to inform them of anything! We collect payment through our website and transfer it to the landlord on your behalf.
What cards are accepted on RentHero?
All Singapore-issued Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards are accepted. Please note that international cards as well as AMEX cards are currently not accepted. Please note that not all cards will earn the reward points and miles. You can find a list of our cards that do so on our home page. Ultimately, tenants are responsible to check with their credit card issuer on whether rental payments are supported through our platform.
Why is there a service fee?
The service fee covers the cost of making the transaction possible, as well as the upkeep of our website.
How secure is RentHero?
RentHero does not manage or store your full credit card number. We use a PCI approved payment gateway certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.
Are my payments safe with RentHero?
All payments are made and held in a secure local bank in Singapore and are separate from our operational funds. Monies received never spend more than 48 hours in our bank account as we tend to receive payments on or 1 day in advance of the due date.
Can I use RentHero for payments other than rent?
No. Currently all transactions must be supported by a tenancy agreement that clearly indicates the landlord's name, bank name and bank account number. This is for regulatory purposes.
I lost my password, how can I reset it?
To reset your password, simply visit this link and follow the steps on that page.
How can I delete my account?
Please drop us an email at indicating that you would like to delete your account. We will review any outstanding transactions you may have prior to deletion.
Can I change my email address?
No, email addresses cannot be changed. If you entered a wrong email address, you can create a new account with the correct email address. Prior to any payments, you must verify your email address by clicking a confirmation link we send to you. This is to ensure that we can continue to maintain our communications with you.
Which credit card should I use to get the best rewards?
You may refer to this link to try out the miles you can earn based on your rent, depending on the type of card. Please note that this is just an illustration of the miles you can earn based on publicly available information at the time we update the website. You should always be aware of what your credit card's latest terms and conditions. RentHero makes no warranties that the earn rate displayed by card issues will be awarded, and we shall not be liable in respect thereof.
How can I get a refund?
If the payment has already been made to the landlord, you will need to ask the landlord directly. However, if the payment is still processing, please write in to to make a refund request. Please note that refund requests must be made 1 business day in advance.
How do I apply a promo code to my payments?

After filling in your rental payment details and landlord details, you will reach the checkout page:

You can enter your promo code in the highlight area.

How will I know when I successfully referred someone to RentHero?
A successful referral is one where a tenant uses your referral code and makes a successful payment. Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email notifying you of your successful referral as well as a promo code to offset some of our service fee in your next payment.
What happens if my payment fails?
Your card will not be charged if your payment fails. You can also view the reason for its failure in the payments page. You should also contact your credit card company on the reason for its failure. Once resolved, you can retry the transaction in your payments page.
What happens if I make my payment late?
All payments should be made at least 6 business days in advance if the rental due date falls on a weekend/public holiday, or 5 business days in advance otherwise. When making payments with RentHero, you can only choose the due date from 5 / 6 business days in advance depending on whether the due date is a weekend or public holiday.
How do I schedule payments to my landlord?
You can visit the page here to start the payment process. Under payment type, select "monthly" payments.
What must I provide RentHero to make the payment?
We require the signed tenancy agreement indicating your full name, as well as the landlord's full name, bank name and bank account number.
How do I add and/or remove a card?

You can add or remove cards in your dashboard below:

How will RentHero payments appear on my bank statement?
Your payments will be reflected in your credit card statement as "RentHero Singapore" followed by your reference.
When do I need to make a payment to ensure it reaches my landlord on time?
You should schedule your payment at least 6 business days prior to the due date if the rent due date falls on a weekend or public holiday. Otherwise, you should schedule your payment 5 business days prior to the rent due date.
Where can I amend my scheduled payments?

You can add, remove or edit payments in your dashboard here

Select the payment you want to edit. Please note that only "upcoming" transactions can be edited

Click on "edit payment details"

Change the incorrect details

Finally, click on submit to finalise your changes.

My payment has failed, what should I do now?
You can find the error code/reason for the failed payments in your payments page. You should contact your card issuing bank to clarify why this is the case.
Can I make a payment to my landlord via RentHero on the day it is due?
No, all payments must be made at least 5 business days in advance if your payment due date if it falls on a weekday, or 6 business days in advance if your payment due date falls on a weekend / public holiday.
If I received an invite
If you have received a referral code from someone else, you can use this code to offset your first payment. Please note that referral codes do not work for 2nd or subsequent payments. | Once you make the payment using the referral code, the referrer will also get to have one discounted payment.
If I referred a friend
If you have referred a friend to RentHero, you will receive a promo code exclusive to you once your friend uses your referral code to make their first payment. You will be notified of the promo code via the email address provided to us by you.