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Here’s The Client Experience You Can Offer

Meet Mr. Tan who just moved into his new rental unit

Mr. Tan just moved in and needs a professional clean, fix the refridgerator and found a leak in the bathroom.

“Wah so many things to do. Place not as clean as when I viewed it, fridge not cold and there’s a puddle of water below the bathroom sink since I last viewed the place!

Let me call my agent to help.”

But Mr. Tan doesn’t need to call his agent. Here’s why:

Mr. Tan’s agent introduced him to us, RentHero, as the agent’s tenancy manager. RentHero will liaise with the tenant for all maintenance-related issues so the tenant has a dedicated line for help.

Mr. Tan has a dedicated tenant manager - RentHero (That’s us!)

Instead of contacting the agent or landlord, the tenant reaches out to RentHero’s support staff via instant messaging to describe their issues and send photos. RentHero’s support staff are available 7 days a week so Mr. Tan can get a response even on the weekend.

Mr. Tan deals with RentHero’s in-house contractors, saving time for everyone!

Tenants, landlords and agents do not have to source for quotes. We work with our own contractors to streamline job quality and ensure tenants and landlords get the best service they deserve. Jobs are then billed separately to the tenant or landlord, depending on the agreement.

RentHero will deal with the tenant throughout the lease until the handover.

During the handover, RentHero will handle any outstanding maintenance issues. However the agent continues to maintain their relationship with the landlord when it comes to renewal or finding a new tenant.

Mr. Tan is happy with his dedicated tenant manager, while the agent saves time and focus on sales.

Leave the managing of tenants and landlords to us while you focus on sales

So what’s the price of freedom?

per listing per month

*Maintenance work is NOT included in the monthly cost


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*Maintenance services are charged separately from the monthly fee.

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