Singapore Airlines is world famous for its business class seats. 

When they first launched their 2006 business class seats, it was definitely something revolutionary. 

singapore airlines business class 2006

Credit: Milelion

Fly flat bed seats.

Huge wide seat pitches, that can seat two people side by side.

Even now in 2019, if you were to overlook the wear and tear on these seats, they are still better than many other airlines out there.

Thus in 2013 when Singapore Airlines launched its revamped business class seats, there were naturally huge expectations.

So how do these new business class seats compare?

Here is our full A350 Singapore Airlines business class review!

singapore airlines business class review

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review A350 – SIN to AMS

This Singapore Airlines business class review is based on the SQ 324 Singapore to Amsterdam flight.

The A350 is well known to be efficient and quieter, but it is also narrower than, say a Boeing 777-300.

This means that there is less space overall, and Singapore Airlines had certain constraints when it came to the seating.

The plane has 42 business class seats, 24 premium economy and 187 economy.

No first class seats here, which means that if you are in business class you are the king of the hill!

singapore airlines business class review

In this case because there are is no first class cabin, business class passengers get priority boarding. And as usual with Singapore Airlines, this process is quick and seamless.

Upon entering the cabin, you can immediately sense how luxurious it feels.

The colours are soothing and understated, while not as over the top as its middle eastern rivals, we think it will stand the test of time longer.

We are really big fans of the new colour scheme, and the fit and finish really stand out.

singapore airlines business class seat

The seat is clad in a soft grey leather, which might be tough to maintain in the long run because it is quite light in colour.

We like the design of the pillow, it is also hefty and has a good bounce, unlike those really flat cheap ones you get sometimes.

Like we said earlier, the 2013 Singapore Airlines business class is definitely not as wide before.

In fact, sitting down in the seat, you can immediately feel that it is not as spacious as before.

With that said, with the previous seats many have complained that the seats were too wide (first world problems).

Now, it feels much more cosy and intimate.

If you are larger in size however, you will not appreciate this new change.

A quick tip, if space is of upmost importance to you, you can always try and reserve rows 11 and 19.

These are the bulkhead seats, and is more roomy as the IFE screen is pushed further back.

Do note that row 19 is a bassinet position, so if your fellow passenger has a baby, you will have to deal with the noise, not to mention the additional noise and light from being closer to the galley.

singapore airlines business class welcome drink

As per usual, the stewardess will go around offering a welcome drink.

We had orange juice, but you can always have a glass of Champagne if you like.

With Singapore Airlines business class, the crew always make it a point to address you by your name, which always makes things a little more special.

singapore airlines business class ife screen

The IFE screen in this A350 is an 18″ model, and at the seating distance you are seated at, it is certainly big enough for you to enjoy all the content you want.

It is a major upgrade from the older business class screens as these are of a way higher resolution, and it looks sharp and crisp.

One downside is that it is not touch screen, which is very puzzling in this day and age.

With Krisworld there is a ton of movies, tv shows and music, so it will definitely keep you entertained for the duration of the flight.

singapore airlines business class control

Touching the sides of the seat, everything feels very robust and premium to the touch.

The material feels very hard wearing, and almost resistant to bumps and knocks so hopefully this holds up well for the future.

The remote control is located on this side as well, and is thankfully touch screen.

singapore airlines business class control

We found the controls and screen intuitive and easy to use.

One thing good with having a separate small screen is that you are able to check the flight status without having to disturb your movie watching at the same time.

singapore airlines business class sockets

There are also power sockets for each seat, a usb cable connector and a HDMI port.

singapore airlines business class light

There is a reading light on your left.

singapore airlines business class light

As well as on your right, and this has varying brightness levels.

singapore airlines business class seat controls

The seat controls are laid out and brightly lit even when dark.

Its pretty self explanatory really.

The seat can recline to a nice position for just lounging, and as you will see later, it cannot recline till a fully flat position.

singapore airlines business class seat space

The leg space is more than adequate in our opinion, and towards the left you can see the small nook for you to insert your feet into when in bed mode.

It has been a common source of complaint for many business class fliers, as it is quite a small space for your feet when you are lying down.

singapore airlines business class slippers

Standard slippers and socks are given out, as usual no amenity kit though 🙁

singapore airlines business class ife screen
singapore airlines business class seat

Some seats are this dark maroon colour, which looks classy and gorgeous as well.

singapore airlines business class seat

Just to show you again how much leg space you can expect.

singapore airlines business class nuts

Not long after, we were served a bowl of mixed nuts.

singapore airlines business class starter

And thereafter, supper service began.

It was a salad and smoked salmon, which was just okay.

singapore airlines business class starter

Of course, in business class everything is nicely plated and served with proper plates and cutlery.

singapore airlines business class lobster thermidor

We managed to order the book the cook service, where you can select from a variety of meals online before your trip.

Here is the famous Singapore Airlines lobster thermidor.

singapore airlines business class lobster thermidor

In our opinion, the lobster was not the freshest, but the sauce and the rice was tasty.

singapore airlines business class menu

Menu for the day.

singapore airlines business class menu
singapore airlines business class menu
singapore airlines business class bed

Here is how the seat looks like in bed mode.

Unlike other business class seats, you cannot recline the seat all the way to lie flat.

You will have to get out of your seat, and fold the seat over to reveal the bedding on the other side.

Most of the time, the stewards or stewardess will offer to help you to set up the bed though.

singapore airlines business class seat

Here is where the stuff for your bed is stored, just behind your seat.

singapore airlines business class cubby hole

Another common complaint is that the bed can be too hard, but it was just fine in our opinion.

Most people should be able to get a couple of hours rest here!

singapore airlines business class breakfast


singapore airlines business class breakfast

The main course for breakfast did not fare too well, we still have not had good eggs on any airline yet.

singapore airlines business class arrival

Arrived safe and fresh!


The Singapore Airlines A350 business class has a compelling hard product, with just a few minor quirks. The design and look of the seat has definitely improved massively from the 2006 version. However, we would prefer if the seat could actually recline into a bed position, instead of having to get out.

On this flight to Amsterdam, if not for the Book the Cook option, the food was a bit of a letdown. Service was polite and for the most part, the crew was attentive, but there were some lapses here and there.

Here comes the end of our Singapore Airlines business class review!

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