If you are renting in Singapore, you will probably be on the search for a suitable standing fan. Unless you are fortunate enough that all the rooms come with a ceiling fan.

Not to mention, switching on the aircon 24/7 is something not everyone can afford.

So having a fan is a must, with Singapore’s often sweltering heat in the afternoon.

There are a few of the usual suspects that most people would go for.

Dyson, if you are looking for something high end and futuristic. Or KDK, or Mistral, for something more traditional.

But what about Xiaomi?

Granted, they are not as much of a household name in the home appliances arena, but they have been churning out value for money offerings on the phone side of things.

So would this Xiaomi fan stand up to their ever growing reputation?

Xiaomi Fan: First Impressions

xiaomi fan

Upon first receiving the fan and setting it up, you would most probably be thinking to yourself:

This fan is pretty short.

And yes, you will definitely be surprised at how small it is.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, for small homes it is great because it is portable and easy to carry around.

Of course, if you require the wind flow to come from a higher point this would definitely not be an appropriate buy for you.

Other than the size, the Xiaomi fan is very sleek and minimalist.

It looks good and something that can go well depending on the decor of your house, as compared to some of the traditional fans out there that you probably want to cover and hide in shame.

It feels well made enough for the price, certainly a good first impression overall.


Xiaomi Fan: Setting it up


xiaomi fan box

It comes in a very portable box.

xiaomi fan contents

xiaomi fan contents

As you can see, there are not a lot of parts to fix together.

xiaomi fan manual

xiaomi fan manual

Unfortunately, the manual is fully in Chinese. So if you are not well versed in Chinese, you might have some problem. Thankfully, Xiaomi does have an english version online. It is not the exact model, but the information inside is mostly applicable.

xiaomi fan base

xiaomi fan base

First thing would be to screw the base to the stand. Which is really easy with the tool provided.

xiaomi fan

Next, attach the back cover to the motor part of the fan.

xiaomi fan piece

After which just look for these two circular pieces to fix the blades to the motor.

xiaomi fan

xiaomi fan

xiaomi fan

xiaomi fan

You can then put the blades onto the fan.

xiaomi fan cover

Finally you can put the cover on.

xiaomi fan

After turning, you can feel it lock.

xiaomi fan

xiaomi fan lock

Which you can lock with a screw if you like. If you have kids around, it would probably be a good idea. If not, doing it without would make for easy cleaning.

xiaomi fan

And you are done!

xiaomi fan remote

It comes with a remote as well. You can also use the app to control the fan (hence the name Smartmi). We also like that they provided the battery for the remote so you can use it immediately.

xiaomi fan cable

Ordering from the Singapore supplier, they supplied a black cable which is convenient as the Xiaomi supplied one is for China and you would need an adapter. Unfortunately, it is not as sleek looking as the original grey one that Xiaomi provides. And it is shorter too.

xiaomi fan controls

There are icons on the button to tell you what they do. Basically the button nearest to you is for the speed of the fan, then the timer, then the oscillating function, and then for you to control between the natural breeze mode and the normal mode.

Long press on the last button switches off the fan.

There are also 4 levels for the fan speed.

The first and second level is admittedly not very strong but with the benefit of it being very silent.

Almost too silent that you can forget to switch it off when you head out of the house.

The highest level is also not the strongest, but it is enough for a small house or a room.

The BEST part of this fan is undoubtedly the wireless feature.

This Xiaomi fan comes with an inbuilt battery that you can charge and then it becomes a truly portable fan.

So you can use it in different parts of the house, it is particularly useful in the kitchen when you cook.

With regards to battery life, you can expect a couple of hours continuous use.

Which is good enough in our books.

However, there are some drawbacks to the fan.

Firstly, there is no indication on the fan as to how much battery there is left, or when it is fully charged.

So when you are using it you have no idea of how long the Xiaomi fan would last.



xiaomi fan

The Xiaomi fan is a very appealing proposition.

Its light, easy to set up and it is wireless and portable.

It is not for everybody though.

If you are looking for something small, minimalist, and portable, it is a no brainer as a purchase.

But if you need a fan for a big place, this probably would not be the right purchase for you.


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