Going on a trip to IKEA Singapore Alexandra? 

If you are going on a weekend, be prepared to jostle with the crowd.

Because Singaporeans love IKEA.

Need proof?

Just look at the car queue outside IKEA Singapore Alexandra every weekend.

Of course, some people go there for the famous IKEA Swedish meatballs, and fried chicken wings.

ikea singapore alexandra meatballs

But many others are there because of IKEA’s affordable prices and current Scandinavian designed furniture. 

The problem is that too often their low prices are a result of lower quality materials, so here are our tips on how to choose the best quality IKEA pieces!

1. Look at the materials used

IKEA is well known for using its particle board, which is basically a combination of wood chips and glue. 

It is definitely not hardy and if you are intending on keeping your furniture for a long time, its not what you want in your furniture at all.

Just check out what happened when a guy cut his IKEA desk in half.

ikea particle board

Not exactly top quality, is it. 

So if you want something longer lasting, pay attention to the materials used.

Proper wood, glass and metal would be your best bet.

2. Don’t buy blindly online

ikea singapore furniture

IKEA did take awhile to make the leap to selling their furniture online, but when they finally did, many people were overjoyed.

However, if you really want to judge for quality yourself, it is still much better if you are able to make a trip down to IKEA Singapore Alexandra.

Look out for the display pieces that has had a lot of abuse, if they are wobbly and rickety, its best to stay clear.

But if its had lots of wear and tear marks, but it still stands solidly then you know you have a sturdy piece right there.

3. Check out their seasonal collections

IKEA also has lots of collaborations with designers and seasonal collections that you should keep an eye out for.

Like the recently launched summer collection

Or their partnership with Design Indaba, with the upcoming launch in May. 

So you can expect newer design and materials with higher quality.

4. Don’t forget the small items

ikea singapore alexandra

IKEA also sells many smaller household items.

Like glass bottles, accessories, light bulbs, linens, kitchen utensils and bowls.

Just to name a few.

For example, we are big fans of their stone dinnerware.

They are at a great price point and quality, and its design and colours are flexible to fit into most homes.

That’s it for our tips on how to choose the best furniture from Ikea Singapore!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have anymore interesting tips to add to the list!

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