Bubble tea is hugely popular in Singapore, and is fast almost becoming some sort of national drink.

At every hour of the day if you walk past a bubble tea stall, you would most certainly see a queue of people waiting patiently for their favourite drink.

Recently, a news article was released warning that bubble tea contains even more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola.

Despite that, we very much doubt that would stop the amount of new bubble tea brands entering the Singapore market every year.

So if you are looking for more bubble tea to quench that insatiable appetite, here is the ultimate bubble tea Singapore list in 2019!


1. Tiger Sugar

tiger sugar bubble tea singapore

Tiger Sugar is a brand that has its origins from Taichung in Taiwan, and famous for its milk tea with dark brown sugar syrup. Its name comes from the signature drink that will from ‘tiger stripes’ down the side of the cup from the sugar syrup.



heytea bubble tea singapore

HEYTEA is known for its cheese and fruit teas have recently launched into the current trendy brown sugar bubble milk tea with their own spin on it in the form of the Brulee bobo tea and Oreo bobo tea. They are originally from China, and are famous for being the creators of the cheese tea as well as being the most popular bubble tea brand there, with a record queue time of 7 hours!


3. R&B Tea

r&b tea bubble tea singapore

Here is another bubble tea brand that originates from Taiwan. They are famous for their fresh milk and cream toppings and also offer the in-trend brown sugar boba milk.


4. TP Tea

tp tea bubble tea singapore

TP Tea has its origins from its parent company, Chun Shui Tang in Taiwan. Its first and only outlet in Singapore is actually at Changi Airport Terminal 2 but it will be open 24 hours! So if you want your bubble tea fix at past midnight you will have to make a special trip down to Changi Airport.


5. I Love Taimei

i love taimei bubble tea singapore

I Love Taimei is basically a bubble tea along with fried chicken! They have some unique signature drinks, like one that is made out of butterfly pea flower and another that is yam milk tea.


6. Partea

partea bubble tea singapore

Partea offers a mix of fruit teas, cheese teas and the classic milk teas. They also have a different range of Chinese teas to choose from, such as Pu’er, Oolong and Green Tea. You can pick and mix with your favourite types of fruits or cheese.


7. Artease

artease bubble tea singapore

Artease is a home grown bubble tea shop that specialises in quality bubble tea served with sandwiches and cakes. They have unique offerings such as a Salted Caramel Milk Tea and Caramel Popcorn Roasted Rice Tea!


8. itea

itea bubble tea singapore

itea is another local brand that sets itself apart from its competition with its lower than average prices. Some interesting combinations await you, such as Yakult Green Tea. They have 13 outlets around the island!


9. Each-a-Cup

each a cup bubble tea singapore

If you have not heard of Each-a-Cup, it is a tell tale sign that you are new to Singapore. They were one of the original bubble tea brands in Singapore, having started way back in 1999!


10. LiHo

liho bubble tea singapore

LiHo was very much in the news at one point, when it was slated to take over Gong Cha in Singapore. Cue the many comparisons online between Gong Cha followers. LiHo also offers a natural zero-calorie option with the addition of Stevia, so health nuts can indulge too!


11. Gong Cha

gong cha bubble tea singapore

Just like the Yole and Llao Llao saga, Gong Cha made a comeback in Singapore, much to the delight of their followers. When they first reopened, the queues were quite staggering to say the least!


12. Koi

koi bubble tea singapore

Koi is one of the older brands as well in Singapore, and many of their outlets could always boast of long queues. Now, they have outlets almost everywhere and look to remain an evergreen bubble tea presence in Singapore.


13. Nayuki

nayuki bubble tea singapore

Nayuki sounds Japanese but actually hails from Shenzhen, with their flagship store at Vivocity being their first overseas outlet. Their main selling point is their premium fresh fruit teas and soft euro bread.


14. Muyoo

muyoo bubble tea singapore

Muyoo is another bubble tea brand in Singapore that is on that brown sugar trend with their ‘Dirty Drink’. They are also well known for their Cheese Cloud Fruit Tea.


15. Chabann Kurotaki

chabann kurotaki bubble tea singapore

Chabann Kurotaki is another popular bubble tea that hails from China. Its best seller is the Brown Sugar Jelly Milk Tea.


16. Sharetea

sharetea bubble tea singapore

Sharetea is another bubble tea brand in Singapore that originated from Taiwan. Its tea is made out of tea leaves that are shipped directly from Taiwan and they are one of the first to introduce mini pearls to Singapore.


17. Hollin

hollin bubble tea singapore

Hollin which in Hokkien means good to drink, is a shop from Singapore. They set themselves apart due to their freshly made pearls, with special flavours that change daily. Some flavoured pearls that you can expect are, coffee and black sesame.


18. Bobii Frutii

bobii frutii bubble tea singapore

Bobii Frutti is another bubble tea outlet in Suntec, which boasts Nat Ho, a local actor as the brand ambassador and creative director. Their pearls are preservative free and are air flown from Taiwan to Singapore!


19. TaiGai

taigai bubble tea singapore

TaiGai is another popular bubble tea brand from Shenzhen. They are the original creator behind the Fruity Milky Kiss, a fruit blended milke cheese drink.


20. Chu Tang

chu tang bubble tea singapore

Chu Tang is a bubble tea brand that originates from Tai Chung, with its concept really different from the rest on the list. They just offer one milk tea that comes in a bag, which obviously stands out when you carry it around.


21. True Boss

true boss bubble tea singapore

True Boss is a popular bubble tea shop from Taiwan. They offer something different which is a fruit vinegar tea that is supposedly healthier as it aids in digesting, fatigue, lowering blood pressure and weight loss.


22. PlayMade

playmade bubble tea singapore

PlayMade is another popular bubble tea shop from Taiwan, and it offers a live making pearl process that you can watch!


23. Teafolia

teafolia bubble tea singapore

Teafolia is a bubble tea brand that focuses on their Fruit Tea, Smoothies and Slushies and Stirring Milk.


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